What are the Costs of Obtaining a Visa for Chinese Citizens?

Some countries classify their visa requirements and visa costs for processing the same, according to the region that an individual is travelling from. The Republic of Kenya does not have the same distinction. Provisions are made for those who are holders of passports from the countries that enjoy exemptions.

There are also stringent rules for holders of passports that are from certain nations listed on the embassy websites. The latter has to have a visa before arriving on Kenyan soil. However, all others who do not fall into the two categories can either get their visas from the Kenyan Embassy in their respective countries. The same applies to Chinese nationals.

Costs of Obtaining a Visa

Chinese citizens who are entering Kenya for tourism or to visit need to acquire a single entry visa. This is also applicable to those who are travelling for business. This includes: attending seminars, participating in talks or going to workshops. These visas restrict you from working. They are valid for 90 days upon receipt and can be extended for the same period before the time elapses.  The visa costs associated with applying for a visa are US $50. The extension fee is equivalent to US $20.

Diplomatic Visas are issued gratis while a transit visa attracts visa costs of US $20. You require a transit visa if you are stopping over in Kenya in your way to another destination. It is valid for one night only and is necessary only if you plan on leaving the airport.

Chinese citizens who would like to visit Uganda and Rwanda which are in the East African Region can get an East African Tourist Visa. With this, they gain access to the three countries. This visa is valid for 90 days only and cannot be extended. The visa costs are US $100.

Other Requirements, Rules, and Regulations

The visa costs are not the only thing you need in order to obtain a visa. Each of the different visas has special requirements. The standard ones include a duly filled and signed form, travel itinerary and plane ticket and two standard passport photographs taken with a white background.  Photographs that are computer generated are not accepted.

Any Chinese national who travels to Kenya for work, whether employed or self-employed, paid or unpaid, has to have a work permit. Engaging in any work without one is a crime punishable by the law. A business visa does not allow you to work in the country. A work permit is obtained from the Director of Immigration and is not an overnight process.

The company that intends to hire you is tasked with making an application on your behalf. If you are coming on your personal work, then you have to engage a Kenyan contact to make the application for you as well.

Understanding these requirements is important. You will be best placed to have a smoother application if you have everything that you need, including the visa costs as you go to submit your application.