Kenyan Immigration Services

Kenya immigration agency provides a lot of services to individuals, business, and organisations; from the regular immigration consultancy to citizenship registration in Kenya.  The immigrations system of Kenya is experiencing a constant change in procedure, regulatory and amendments in order to be suitable with the current system and address the needs of the security and business trend and the international standards.  You need to make sure that the company you are hiring has updated immigrations servicesKenya visitors who are entering the country as missionary, volunteer, student, dependant, employment and business needs to secure the proper immigration permit and VISA in order to guarantee that their stay in the country will be lawful and avoid any problems. The Immigration firms in Kenya can help them achieve that.

Different Immigration Services in Kenya

The company who are offering Immigrations Services Kenya may include Permanent Residency, Citizenship registration and immigration consultancy for investor, student pass, dependent pass and special pass, work permits, business permits and entry VISA.  The types of permit to secure are divided into 8 parts.   Here is complete guide on these different permits.

  • Class A- the Class A type of permit is issued for the mining activities that will be conducted in the Kenyan Soil. This Mining and Prospecting permit is given for mining minerals, gas and oils.
  • Class B- Class B also known as Farm Husbandry Permit certifies the operation mini truck, farm tractors and other equipment designed for farming, livestock-raising and horticultural operation. This can either be temporary or special permit.
  • Class C- The class C is designed for professional practices. These are commonly issued for foreign professionals such as doctors or surgeons that are operating in Kenya.
  • Class D- This is one of the common immigration service’s Kenya that is generally issued to individuals that are seeking employment opportunities in Kenya. This is also referred to as General Employment Permit.
  • Class F-This is permit for the industry and the manufacturing sector.
  • Class G- this permit is issued for shareholders, directors and business owners only.
  • Class I- For individuals or groups that are planning to set-up their own religious affiliations in Kenya, Class I permit or Missionary and Religious would be required.
  • Class K- this is a residential permit given to be individuals who want to be an official residence of Kenya.

Different Type of Immigration Pass

When you acquire the help of Immigrations Service Kenya, you should also be aware on the different immigrations pass; from the permanent residence to the special pass.  For the permanent residence pass, you should be married with your Kenyan spouse for approximately 3 years.  Citizens of Kenya who have lost or renounced their citizenship, people who were born in a foreign land who are holding permit and living in Kenya for about 3 years are all qualified on this kind of pass.  The dependants pass are issued on individuals or dependants that possess valid permit.  Student pass are given to individuals who want to enter the country for educational purposes, and the special pass is provided by the particular employer to the employee for a limited time only.

These are some of the things that you need to remember about the immigration service’s Kenya.  It will help you understand the system of immigration in Kenya.