Visa Process for Indian Citizens Travelling to Kenya – How to Get a Visa for Expats

In the past, Indian citizens who wish to travel to Kenya are qualified for Visa on Arrival services. However, Kenya has discontinued their Visa on Arrival program from September 1, 2015. Now the visa process for Indian citizens travelling to Kenya starts a couple of days before the actual flight.

Visit the Official Website

The visa process for Indian citizens travelling to Kenya is simple. In order to enter Kenya, foreign visitors must first apply for an e-Visa. Indian citizens can start their visa process by going to the dedicated webpage,

Then one needs to create an account by filling out the registration information. It is important to answer the form accurately to ensure that there are no problems with the visa application. Double check the information to be sure.

Verify the Email

The next step of the visa process for Indian citizens travelling to Kenya is to verify the email address. This is done by clicking on the button and then waits for an activation email to be sent to your email address.

Once you have received the activation message in your email account, you can either click on the link or copy or paste the link to a new window. If done right, you will see the eVisa page stating that the email has been verified. Then click on the next button.

Upload a Photo

The eVisa website will then ask you to upload a photo. All you need to do is to click on the Choose File button, find a photo that best represents you, resize it, and then click the Continue button. Now your profile on the website will have a photo.

Apply for a Visa

After verifying the email and completing the profile, the next step of the visa process for Indian citizens travelling to Kenya is the application for the visa itself. This is done by clicking on the Get Service Now button found under the Department of Immigration Services. On the next page, choose Submit Application. Then pick Kenyan Visa.

Then you should choose the right visa. You can choose to apply for a Single Entry Visa or a Transit Visa. For tourists and people who want to do business in the country, choose the first option.

This will then direct you to a page that contains the information on the Types of Visa and the requirements. Once you have read the information, click the Apply Now button. It is important that you complete the application as accurate as possible.

You will receive a confirmation of your application after your payment has been processed. Keep in mind that the fee is non-refundable. You will also receive a confirmation in your email when the visa has been approved. You can then print out the visa and present it at the point of entry.

These are the steps of the visa process for Indian citizens travelling to Kenya. Keep in mind that the possession of an eVisa is not the final authority when entering the country. And for people must first secure the right pass or permit if they want to engage in any form of employment or business in Kenya.