Getting a Tourist Visa to Enter Kenya

If you are not from the visa exempt regions, you will need a visa to enter Kenya. This can be obtained at the entry point or from a Kenyan Embassy or High Commission in your region before travelling to Kenya. There are different types of visas in Kenya that you can obtain. These include Single and multiple entry visas, diplomatic, transit and East African Tourist Visas. The Single Entry Visa could be a tourist, business or visitor visa depending on what you are visiting the country for.

The tourist visa is popular. With this visa, you get to visit the beautiful tourist sites in the country. You can go on a safari or visit animal orphanages where you get to see various animals. You can also go to the coast and enjoy the sandy beaches. Perhaps you might prefer to visit the slopes of the great Mount Kenya and see the lush green highlands that the country is famous for. Whatever your destination, you will need to know what you need for application of the tourist visa.

Requirements of Tourist Visa

First, you need your original national passport. It has to be valid for six months. It also needs to have two blank pages. This space is necessary for stamping upon entry and exit. In addition to this, you need to have a standard passport photo taken in front of a white background. The photo needs to be recent, not more than six months old.

To get these types of visas in Kenya, you need to get a letter from the travel agent, if you are using one, on an official company letterhead. This can be substituted by your ticket and flight itinerary. For applications that are made by post, you will also need to provide a certified, self-addressed stamped envelope. This requirement is in place so your passports can be returned.

Children under 18 years need written consent from their parents or guardians if they are travelling alone. Additionally, non-UK citizens travelling from the region need a copy of a student visa, work permit or UK resident permit.

Finally, if you want these types of visas in Kenya, you need a £30 processing fee that can be paid via card if you are making the application in person. For those doing it via post, only postal orders and bankers’ cheques are accepted. There are no cash payments accepted.

Validity and Multiple Tourist Visa

You need to be conversant with the time period that these types of visas in Kenya are valid for. Once you receive your visa, it is valid for 90 days only. If you would like to stay longer, you can apply for an extension for the same period of time.

In case you would like to see more of the region, you always have the option of getting the East African Tourist visa which allows you entry into Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda as well. These types of visas in Kenya are valid for 90 days upon receipt as well. However, it cannot be extended. It can be obtained with the same requirements as those of a standard tourist visa, but for a processing fee of £65.