Guide on the Visa Costs for Indian Citizens

The cost of the Kenyan Visa may vary depending on the type of the visa that you are trying to secure and whether you are hiring the help of the Visa Service firm.  Just like how the process and the requirements will differ from one another, the expenses related to acquiring Visa may also be different.   There are also extra expenses related with your Visa Application such as the secure postage and photos.   To give you a clear insight on your expenses, here is a comprehensive guide on the visa costs for Indian citizens.

Cost of Single Tourist Visa

Some of the expenses included in your Single tourist Visa are the processing fee, the travel documents, and the Visa.    The Single-entry Visa costs for Indian Citizen would be roughly $51 or Rs 3500.  However, you will also need to shoulder additional cost such as photo and other certificates such as polio and yellow fever certificate.  During the application process, you will be asked to present a proof that you have sufficient fund such as your credit card.

Transit Visa

Transit Visa is only valid during a short stopover or for travellers who are planning to stay in Kenya for no more than one night.  It is also convenient for travellers who will have to pass Kenya to travel to other tourist destinations in a period of 3 days.  Your travel itinerary will have to be presented when securing this type of Visa.  The Transit Visa costs for Indian Citizens will be about $21.  Requirements are generally similar with the single tourist Visa.  Payment will be done through major debit cards like MasterCard and Visa Card.

East Africa Tourist Visa

This is a type of joint visa which allows the holder to travel within Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya for the sole purpose of tourism.  The east African tourist visa costs for Indian citizen would be $101.  In this type of Visa, you will be asked to present proof of financial stability such as the copy of your credit card or the bank statement in the last 6 months.

Courtesy Visa

This type of Visa is being issued to individual who is holding service or official passport that are acting on official duty. They may also be issued to ordinary passport holders that cannot be provided with a diplomatic Visa.  Courtesy Visa is entirely free of any charge; however, the Director need to consider that it is practical for international courtesy.

The cost mentioned above is just the initial visa costs for Indian citizens.  As we have mentioned above, there are additional fees that they may charge you, and there are expenses related in securing the required documents.  For complete information about the visa expenses, do not hesitate to call us.  We can guide you on the complete cost that you may incur during the process of acquiring Visa.  We are highly dedicated in making this process simple and painless to make your travel memorable.