Comprehensive Guide on Diplomatic Visa of Kenya

Visa is a required for people who are planning to travel to Kenya, and the officials of the governments and the diplomats are no exception.  During the initial process, you will need to secure the passport requirement, complete the application form for VISA, a copy of the official business letter, photos and any proof of the arrangements.  The Diplomatic Visa can be issued for multiple or single entry and will remain valid for at least 6 months after their date of issuance.  Processing the Visa will take from 7-10 working days.  Some agencies are processing rush service but you may have to incur additional fees.

Kenya Diplomatic Visa Requirements

The first thing you have to submit to the Visa Service would be your passport.  Your signed official or diplomatic purpose should be valid for at least 6 months prior to your stay.  It should contain at least one blank page which will be used for the visa stamp.  The amendment page found at the back will not be suitable for the stamp.

After submitting your passport, you have to complete the original Diplomatic Visa Application form.  The consulate is strictly requiring individuals to complete the application form.  The information supplied in the application needs to be accurate and authentic.  You may need to hire the service of the specialist who will prepare all the necessary requirement of the consular and the government of Kenya.  The application form can be downloaded online.

You will also be instructed to submit your photo. Your photo needs to be professional-looking.  The non-passport and the digital type will not be honoured.  The background should be plain, and the front can be colourful.   Diplomat Note and Letter from the agency or the department will also be required for your Diplomatic Visa.  This will confirm your purpose of visiting Kenya and the expected date of your arrival.  This will also include your travel arrangements such as your flight itinerary from your travel agency or the airline company.

When you hire the service of the specialist to secure your diplomatic Visa requirement, it will also go into a pre-check process to ensure that you have provided them with all the necessary things.  This will save you unnecessary trip, time and money that you will need for applying Visa.  You will simply scan your documents and send it to the experts that will then review the documents for accuracy and completeness. For non-digital documents, you can simply ship them to the location of the travel firm.

Normally, they will charge you with consular fee and charges for travel documents.   Consular fee are generally charged by the government of Kenya that is issuing the Diplomatic Visa.  The fees will be charged for each person.  The charges for the travel documents, on the other hand, will be charged by the Visa Services Firm.

These are some of the requirements that you need to remember when securing Diplomatic Visa.  This will help you avoid unnecessary stress and hassle and will help you to complete the requirements fast.