The Persons Who Require a Visa to Enter Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa. It is a beautiful nation that is famous for its tourist attractions including wildlife and sandy beaches. It is also known by the rest of the world, primarily because long-distance marathon winners are birthed within its borders.

To travel to Kenya, as it is with other nations, you need to have a visa. For the Kenya visa application, there are some special provisions. These include:


Travellers from the East African region, including Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, and Zambia do not need visas to enter into Kenya. They do not have a Kenya visa application process that they need to follow. All they need is a valid passport or a travel permit pass where applicable. Nationals from selected countries also enjoy this provision. These include Tobago, Tuvalu, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Fiji, Ghana, Botswana, Seychelles and South Africa among others.

Limited Provision

Unlike those who have exceptions, nationals from some countries have to go through a Kenya visa application before entering Kenya. That means that, if you are a national from any of these areas and travelling from the same region, you have to make prior arrangements and get a visa before landing on Kenyan soil. These countries include Pakistan, Libya, Iran, Georgia, Yemen, Syria, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Mali and Nigeria among others.

Other Provisions

If you do not belong in any of the two special categories, you enjoy special provisions when it comes to visiting Kenya. You still need to go through a Kenya visa application process, but you do not have to have it before you land on Kenyan soil.

It is advisable to visit The Kenyan High Commission or Embassy prior to your visit in order to obtain a visa. For this, you need your original passport that is valid for at least six months and one that has two blank pages, a completed form that is duly signed, a company from a travel agent on an official letterhead or flight itinerary. In addition to a self-addressed stamped return courier envelope for Certified, Priority or Express Mail or FedEx and a visa fee payable by money order, cashier’s cheque or card by those paying in person. Processing of the visa takes fourteen business days.

If you are unable to pursue the Kenya visa application prior to your travel date, it can also be obtained at your point of entry. You have the option of single or multiple entry visas, which are US$50 and US$100 per person valid for three months. You can also acquire a transit visa for US$20 if you are in transit but plan on leaving the airport. If you do not plan on leaving the airport, then you do not have to pay for the transit visa.

The Kenya visa application procedure is simple. Therefore, obtaining a visa to Kenya is straightforward. However, if you are seeking a business visa it only allows you to attend conferences, seminars and participate in talks. In order to engage in any work, paid or unpaid, employed or personal, you have to have a work permit which is obtained at the Director of Immigration. Engaging in any work without a permit is illegal.