Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens Travelling to Kenya

Kenyan visa requirements for Indian citizens have changed slightly. While in the past you could get a visa at the point of entry, you have to have an e-visa as obtained from the online portal before entering Kenya. Failure to have this might deny you entry to Kenya or even access to board the flight. Processing of this visa can take up to ten or fourteen business days. You, therefore, have to make the application early in advance. Along with this, there are other visa requirements that you need to be aware of.


This new rule that came into effect in September of 2015 encourages Indian and other foreign nationals to apply for visas in their countries at the Embassy or Consulate. The visa requirements for your application include:

A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of the visa application. It also has to have two empty pages for stamping on arrival and exit. The passport should accompany a duly filled application form. The form, also, has to be signed by the applicant.

Every applicant should also have a letter from their employer confirming their employment status, the duration of their stay in Kenya and their reason for travelling. It should be on an official company letterhead as well. The letter has to be addressed to the Visa Officer, Kenya High Commission, New Delhi. In addition to this letter, the company should also give you a letter confirming that you are on leave for the duration you are in Kenya.

Another one of the visa requirements is a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. This certificate is valid for ten years and is effective from ten days of your inoculation. In addition to this, all Indian nationals have to have a valid Polio Certificate. The polio vaccination should have been taken at least four weeks prior to your departure from India.

Costs of the Visa Application

Visa requirements also include the application fee. The fee is non-refundable. For those who are looking to get a single entry visa, the application fee is US $50. Those seeking to get an East African Tourist Visa that also allows them entry into Uganda and Rwanda have to pay a US $100 processing fee.

The single entry visa covers business trips that entail attending conferences, workshops or participating in talks and a visiting or tourist visa. It does not cover working whether it is paid or unpaid. For that, you need to have a work permit which is obtained from the Director of Immigration. It is valid for 90 days upon receipt and can be extended before the period elapses at a US $20 cost. The East African Tourist Visa, however, cannot be extended.

It is important to understand the visa requirements and have all the documents in order before you start on your visa application. This will make the process faster and easier. Getting the visa to Kenya before arriving will also save you from the inconvenience of being detained for breaking the law by disobeying regulations.