Different Types of Visa – Find the Most Suitable for You

When travelling to Kenya, there are a lot of things you must take care of before arriving to this magnificent destination. One of the most important ones is applying for a visa, especially if you want to apply for an embassy visa. Find out which type of visa is ideal for your trip to Kenya.

Tourism Visa

The most common visa is the tourism visa that can be issued online through the official Kenyan site. This is a procedure that can take just a few minutes and requires only US dollars for its purchase. By getting this type of visa, you can stay in Kenya no more than 3 months. If you want to expand your stay, you must follow the procedure while being there.

Transit Visa

This is the most inexpensive type of visa since it is only valid for 72 hours. This visa will help you enter Kenya if you are at the middle of your destination and this is a flight stop. Many times this stop can last several hours or even a day.

In this case, you should prefer this type of visa that will allow you to get out of airport as long as you are going to stay less than 72 hours. In order to apply for this visa, you will definitely need your ongoing trip details and thus your flight ticket.

Embassy Visa

 For every professional and diplomatic affair, you must apply for an embassy visa. This will provide you with a truly different type of access, and it is, of course, issued free of charge to all the people that considered successful applicants. Your embassy visa will need many documents that you should not forget to bring with you.

Apart from your professional identification, you are going to need a UK letter from the proper authority, indicating the exact business you have come for, as well as the time period you would be requested to stay in Kenya.

In order to be able to apply for an embassy visa, you must have at least one blank page on your professional passport and your onward tickets. Please note that the application of an embassy visa is only for the professional as an individual and does not include your family members, husband, wife or children.

While you are applying for the embassy visa, your family must apply for one of the two aforementioned visas. Therefore, while your visa is of course issued without charge, their visa will have to be paid, always in US dollars.

Pay very close attention to the correct documents you must have as well as the whole process of issuing a visa whether you complete the procedure online or at the airport. Having any kind of problem with your visa can cost you your business planning, the estimated time of your stay in Kenya, even your whole trip. The best way to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding is by applying in advance for your visa and save any anxiety during your arrival.