Types of Kenyan Visas: Business Visa

When you are applying for a Kenyan visa, you will need to select what type of visa that you are applying for. A business visa is a special visa that allows a person to work for a specific company, which is noted in the application. There are two ways that you can apply for a business visa for Kenya, which are manually or online. However, Kenya is moving towards having all the visas done online using the e-Visa program.

Business Visa Requirements

Like other Kenyan visas, you can still apply using the traditional application method. However, you will need to wait a longer time for approval. The visa application forms can be found online, and you can print them out. You will need to fully fill out the forms and find out where you need to send the forms.

You will also need to send in two passport style photographs with the application. Proof a valid passport that does not expire for 6 months will also need to be included.

A business visa has a special requirement, which are you need to have a business letter from your company in your home country. This letter needs to be printed on the company’s letterhead and addressed to ‘The Consulate of Kenya, Visa Section. The letter also needs to be signed by a minimum of the Vice President or a person of similar position. The letter should introduce you, state your position in the company, why are you are travelling, the length of visa required, and that the company guarantees that you will be provided sufficient funds for your travel. Depending on the length of the visa being asked for, the processing time could be longer than standard. A business visa can also apply for multiple people at the same time.

Business E-Visa Requirements

The requirements for a business e-Visa are roughly the same as applying for a traditional visa. There are some differences like you can provide digital copies of your passport, photos, and the business letter. The business letter still needs to be signed by a high-ranking person within the company, so you will still need to print out the business letter.

There are other major differences to the requirements of a business e-Visa. The first is that you need to have printed a physical copy of the visa yourself. Along with the standard information, you also need to provide a full travel itinerary when applying for an e-Visa. This should include the flight information for the whole trip and all the hotel reservations, which need to be in the applicant’s name.

For most countries, people need to apply for their visas using the e-Visa program. If you are planning to work during your stay in Kenya, you will need to apply for work permits once you arrive. Unlike other visas, a business visa can be extended up to 5 years. To receive a 5-year business visa permit, you will need to submit a letter that explains why you must have the 5-year visa.